Community Benefit Agreement Template

If you are involved in a community development project, a community benefit agreement (CBA) can be a valuable tool to ensure that your project benefits not just the developers and investors, but also the residents and stakeholders of the surrounding community. A CBA is a legally binding contract between a developer and community stakeholders that outlines the benefits that the project will provide to the community in exchange for the community`s support of the project.

To help you create a CBA that meets the needs of your project and your community, we have put together this community benefit agreement template.


The introduction to your CBA should provide an overview of the project and explain why a CBA is necessary. It should also outline the goals of the agreement, which may include creating local jobs, increasing access to affordable housing, promoting environmental sustainability, or supporting local businesses.

Scope of the Agreement

The scope of the agreement should define the geographic area and the specific community that will benefit from the project. This may include residents of a particular neighborhood, employees of local businesses, or members of a specific organization or community group.

Community Benefits

The heart of the CBA is the list of community benefits that the project will provide. This section should be as specific as possible, outlining the number of jobs that will be created, the amount of affordable housing that will be provided, the amount of money that will be invested in local businesses, and any other tangible benefits that the community will receive.


The timeline section should outline a specific schedule for when the benefits outlined in the community benefits section will be provided. This may include specific dates for when affordable housing units will be available, when jobs will be created, or when local businesses will receive funding.

Enforcement and Remedies

A critical component of the CBA is ensuring that the developer follows through on their commitments. The enforcement and remedies section should outline the consequences for not meeting the terms of the agreement, which may include legal action or financial penalties.


The conclusion to your CBA should summarize the key points of the agreement and underscore the developer`s commitment to the community. It should also include any necessary signatures, dates, and contact information.

In conclusion, a CBA can be an essential tool for ensuring that development projects benefit the communities they serve. By following this community benefit agreement template, you can create a legally binding agreement that provides tangible benefits to the local community while also helping to ensure the success of your project.