Snapchat Terms And Agreements

If you use a service, function or feature operated by third parties and provided by our services (including services we offer in conjunction with the third party), each party`s terms determine each party`s relationship with you. Snap Inc. is not liable or responsible for the conditions or actions of third parties taken under the conditions of the third party. Snapchat, Inc.Attn: Copyright Agent63 Market StreetVenice, CA 90291email: Nothing under these conditions (or, in order to avoid any doubt, other conditions to which you are subject with respect to the provision of services by Snap Group Limited, Snap Inc. or their related companies) excludes liability of Snap Group Limited, Snap Inc. or their related companies to: a) death or bodily harm resulting from their intention to cause or injure. b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or (c) any other liability, to the extent that such liability cannot be legally excluded or limited. -`To the extent that it is necessary (which might be necessary to any extent they deem necessary), if you appear, put online, download, post or broadcast participatory content live, local or otherwise, you also grant Snap Inc., their affiliates (again, maybe anyone) and their business partners unlimited, global and unlimited license, to use your name, image and voice. ». (This means they could legally imitate you, or even frame you for any reason or reason they want.) And it`s called « either on the Snapchat app or on one of your business partner`s platforms. » So they can use it on things other than Snapchat.

When your contacts are synced with Snapchat, your Snapchat friends change their contact name. You can make a way to cancel the a. You are responsible (i) for your use of software, applications or other third-party tools that are not provided by Snap (a « third party tools » package), (ii) of the content or hardware (including videos, graphics, computer-generated elements or sounds) that you use or create with Snap Camera (together « Your Content »). and (iii) to ensure that you have all the licenses and rights necessary to use these tools and third-party content, and that your use by third parties of these tools and your content is consistent with this Agreement and all applicable third-party terms and conditions between you and those third parties. You also agree to comply with all third-party conditions applicable to the publication of Snapchat reviews, including iTunes App Store Terms of Use and/or Android Market Terms of Use. The Snapchat username item in App Store reviews is strictly prohibited and may result in the deletion of your Snapchat account. Services are provided « as intended » and « as possible » and, to the extent permitted by law, without explicit or tacit guarantees, including unspoken guarantees, conditions or other conditions relating to market accessibility, satisfactory quality, suitability for specific use, title, silent enjoyment, non-counterfeiting or (ii) of commercial activity. While Snap Group Limited tries to provide a good user experience, we do not ensure or guarantee that: (a) services are always safe, error-free or timely; (b) services always operate without delay, disruption or inadequacy; or (c) that all content or information you receive about the Services is timely or accurate.