Lincolnshire Police Information Sharing Agreements

The Commissioner of Police and Police is expected to publish contractual information of which he or the Chief Constable is a member. You can search for Lincolnshire police contracts via the Blue Light procurement database. Children and family journalists and social workers in the commune who work in accordance with the Children`s Act 1989, under Section 7 of the Children`s Act, ask for information on those involved in private law proceedings. The publication of this information is authorized in accordance with paragraph 23 of the LAC Appendix (88) 17. Conversely, workers who conduct child protection investigations are often in contact with journalists for children and families. Such information will have been collected in private law investigations such as above, and their release will always require court authorization. If the social assistance offers to disclose information from a file containing comments from a child or family journalist, either orally or in writing, you should first consult the Children`s Family Reporter or the local manager of CAFCASS. Practitioners should exchange information as early as possible proactively to identify, assess and address risks or concerns about the safety and well-being of children, whether it is when a child is experiencing problems for the first time or when a child is already known for the social care of children in communities (for example. B they are helped or have a child protection plan). Practitioners should ensure that important information is shared about all adults with whom the child is in contact, which may affect the safety or well-being of the child.

Agencies that request information from other agencies should specify what the purpose of the information should be obtained and what the legal basis for the requests is. For example, social workers seeking information should determine whether they are acting under Section 17 or Section 47 of the Children`s Act 1989 or under some other legal obligation. The results of the risk assessment will guide the police response and the extent of the investigations. The police investigation is being conducted in accordance with Lincolnshire Police policy. The investigation will be consistent with the risk assessment framework described below. Humber Information Sharing Charter [PDF, 573Kb] provides a framework for an efficient and safe exchange of information in the Humber area. A list of organisations included in the Humber Information Sharing Charter is available in the Information Sharing section on the North East Lincolnshire Council website. The control room inspector or force supervisor determines the initial level of risk based on the information provided by the reporting person and information provided by the police.